Four Benefits Of Rhema Awareness Courses

11 September 2020
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Whether you are a new Christian or have been a Christian for years, there are several benefits to taking a rhema awareness course. Rhema is one of the Greek words for God's word. As opposed to logos, which is the universal truth given to everyone through the Bible and Christ's teachings, rhema encompasses the way God speaks to individuals. This can be through many ways including situations in life, dreams, and passages of the Bible that are particularly meaningful to an individual. Below are some of the benefits you might experience by focusing on rhema through an online course. 

Have More Time to Focus on Your Relationship With God 

One of the great reasons for signing up for a course is that it gives you a bit of extra accountability when it comes to dedicating time to your study of the Bible and God's word. For many people, signing up for a course can start the habit of daily devotionals, prayer time, and discussions with other Christians. These habits can often last after the course is finished. 

Experience a More Personal Relationship With God 

Rhema awareness can help you understand the many ways God communicates with individuals and look for them in your own life. This can help you move from a theoretical understanding of God and Christianity to a more personal, living relationship with God. 

Understand the Bible More Deeply 

Reading the Bible, memorizing passages, and learning the history around the Bible are all important aspects of Christianity. However, it is important to also learn how to apply the Bible to your own life. Rhema awareness encourages you to think more deeply about the Bible and learn how to see how it can help you in your current walk with God. This can give you a deeper understanding of aspects of the Bible and, over time, the Bible as a whole.

Experience Fellowship With Other Christians

Online courses allow you to connect with other Christians who are passionate about exploring God's word and their relationship with God. Especially for people who do not have an active rhema-focused church in their area, these relationships can help make life as a Christian easier and support you as you go through challenges. 

While in-person classes can be a great way to deepen your understanding of the Bible and relationship with Christ, they are not always possible. Online courses can give similar benefits while fitting into your schedule. For more information about an online rhema awareness course, contact a school or church group that provides them.