Answer These Four Questions To Find Your Ideal School

24 April 2020
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You only have one chance to educate your child. When your child turns 18, they'll be off to start their own life. Make sure they're prepared for whatever comes next by giving them a great education. If you've decided to send your child to private school, you've made an excellent decision, but there are many private schools to choose from. When narrowing down your choice of schools, you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of various educational institutions. Seeking the answers to these four questions can help you find the right high school for your child.

1. Does the school offer an extensive bus system?

Private schooling gives you the opportunity to choose the best school, even if it's located far from your house. However, you'll want to consider travel times. Most parents are too busy to drive their children to school every morning, especially if the school is not located along the route to their job. Some private schools offer an extensive school bus system that can take children to various neighborhoods. When choosing a school, consider whether or not it will be easy for your child to get to and from school using the bus.

2. How much of a focus does the school place on religion?

Private schools give your child the opportunity to practice their religion in a school-sanctioned way. Unlike public schools, private schools are independent institutions which are not restricted by the separation of church and state. You'll want to choose a school which matches your family's views on religion. If religion is very important to your family, look for a religious school that will foster your child's spiritual growth. Religious schools can teach kids all about ethics and morality.

3. Will the school prepare your child for college?

High school is designed to teach your child everything they'll need to know as they move forward in life. Attending university is the next step for most high schoolers. Make sure the private school you choose will prepare your child for college. College prep high schools are designed with this specific goal in mind. They often offer PSAT courses that can help students excel in standardized tests. Many college prep schools even offer advanced placement classes where your child can earn college credits while they're still in high school.

4. Is the campus clean and well-equipped?

Before making a final decision, visit college prep schools in person. Bring your child with you and take the opportunity to look at the campus. An ideal school will have a campus that's clean and well-maintained. Look for a well-equipped school that contains everything kids need to learn, like computers and loaner textbooks.