5 Reasons To Consider Sending Your Child To A Catholic High School

18 May 2021
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Where your child attends high school can have a significant impact on your child's future. Your child's high school experience will help set them up for college and their future career. That is why you want to ensure your child attends the right school for them, and that is why you should consider if a Catholic high school is a good experience for your child.

1. Smaller Classes

First, at a Catholic school, your child is going to enjoy smaller classes. Smaller classes mean that your student will develop more personal relationships with their peers and their teachers. Your child's teachers will also have a deeper grasp of each student's skills and cater their lessons to the skills that each student in the class needs when they are working with fewer students throughout the day. Smaller classes help to create a more personalized educational environment for your child.

2. Strong Community

Second, Catholic schools are generally connected to a church. Both the church and the school will hold various events outside of school hours. This can help foster a supportive community of not just teachers and students but also other community members. With a Catholic education, a whole village will be supporting your child's growth and education.

3. Affordable Private Option

Third, Catholic high schools tend to be more affordable when it comes to private school options than other private education options. Many Catholic high schools are also supported by donations and benefit from their affiliation with the church. Catholic schools are dedicated to serving their community and often offer scholarships and financial aid to ensure everyone who wants to get a Catholic high school education experience can afford it.

4. Customized Education

Fourth, your child will enjoy a more customized educational experience. As a private school, there will be more flexibility to offer classes that fit student's needs. If there are lots of students ready for an advanced placement class, for example, that can easily be added to the schedule at a Catholic school. In addition, your child's individual development and progress will be closely monitored, and if intervention is needed, it will be offered.

5. College Prep

Finally, Catholic high schools are known for being excellent with college prep. They help teach not just to the test, but they teach study skills that will help your child excel in college. They also tend to offer more advanced placement classes, which can help your child go to college with college credits. Additionally, Catholic high schools tend to have guidance counselors who are well equipped to help students apply for college and scholarships.

If you want your child to enjoy a small classroom, individualized education, and a supportive community that will get them ready for college, you may want to look into the local Catholic high schools in your area. Catholic high schools tend to be an affordable private school option for many families and may benefit your family. 

To get started, reach out to local Catholic high schools.